ARM Tools

This document describes the recommended compiler toolchanin for software development in ARTPEC-A-based Axis video products. For more information please check the product's data sheet or the Product Interface Guide.

ARM compiler toolchain


To install, download comptools-arm-1.20050730.1.tar.gz and unpack it.
It will unpack to comptools-arm-1.20050730.1.
to this directory, and run
$ install-arm-tools install-path
$ install-arm-tools /usr/local/arm

This will make the toolchain and install it at the specified location. Note that you must have permissions to create and write to the directory specified.

In order to use the toolchain, add install-path/bin to your $PATH. (e.g. /usr/local/arm/bin ).



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The compiler is delivered as it is, Axis Communications AB will not provide support or help for development issues.

Please bear in mind that the flash chip manufacturer estimates the number of writes to the flash chips to about 100,000. Writing a lot of temporary files to the flash memory should thus be avoided. Use the ram disk mounted on /tmp instead.