Implementing Station restrictions on NetWare 3.12 Systems
with intact StorPoint accessibility.

First you have to define the StorPoints authentication server as described in the manual.

Excerpt from the StorPoint manual rev 1.3

NetWare Bindery With Authentication
If user access control is required, you have to define an authentication server. The StorPoint CD needs to log on to the authentication server briefly in order to authenticate the user and read which groups he belongs to. In this case, the authentication server must have a standby license for the StorPoint CD, but several CD-ROM servers can share this license. If a license is not available, the user will still be authenticated but group information cannot be read. Authorized users have configurable rights to the volumes of the StorPoint CDs. Authorization of users is done using an existing NetWare server specified by the BindAuthentication parameter in the configuration file. The authentication procedure reduces the Network Administrators overhead as there is no need for maintaining a separate user database for the StorPoint CDs. If the user is defined in the file server that the StorPoint CD uses for authentication, the Administrator will not have to do anything in order to give the user access to the StorPoint CD.

Access Restrictions
When setting up station restrictions for a user that shall be able to access a StorPoint there are a couple of things you must take in consideration, due to the above described procedure with a "passthrough" authentication the user must be able  to login on two nodes on the network, e.g. his/hers local workstation and the StorPoint. Also keep in mind that the Storpoint acts as a fileserver on the NetWare network -it has both a internal and a external network number.

Below you will find an example where the supervisor  applies station restrictions to a user who has a computer which has MAC-address: 0020AF010B50,  The external netnumber: 00DEC02 has been bound to the frametype 802.2 at the authentication server. The supervisor first adds the external  networknumber and MAC-address of the client computer on which the user should be allowed to log in. Thereafter he adds the internal network number of the StorPoint (by default the last eight digits of the StorPoints MAC-address) and the nodenumber (always 00000001).

Settings in: Syscon > User information > Station Restrictions

Allowed Login Addresses
The external  network number
bound to   frame 802.2
00DEC02 0020AF010B50 The MAC-address of the NIC in the client computer
The internal network number
of the StorPoint (default the last 8 digits of the MAC-address)
8C24F11C 00000001 The internal nodenumber of the StorPoint  (always 00000001)

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