Troubleshooting SCSI on StorPoint units

StorPoint CD has a in house developed SCSI-solution that is 100% SCSI-2 compliant. Nevertheless, since some drives are not,
the behavior between a StorPoint and a SCSI-card could differ when a certain drive are connected.

If the SCSI connection fail completely you should receive a error code from the LED’s with the following pattern:

Status LED CD LED Network LED
Off Flash Flash (traffic indication)

 Before you start experimenting with different settings and additional hardware make sure that the following applies.

  1. Is every connector on the SCSI cable properly inserted.
  2. Check the condition of your cabling, examine especially the connectors for probable causes for errors
  3. Make sure that all drives have been set to different SCSI-ID:s (0-6).
  4. Make sure that the last drive in the chain is properly terminated. If available use a separate
    active external terminator instead of the CD-ROM units built in resistors
  5. If you are using a StorPoint CD/T module make sure that the power supply of your tower-chassi are able
    to supply the drives and CD-server with sufficient power.

 If no errors are found then try the following, restart the StorPoint between every step.

  1. Set all drives to provide termination power to the SCSI-Bus, check the drive specifications for the correct setting,
    note that some drives require you to remove jumpers to enable parameters
  2. Change the ribbon cable against a high-grade, known working cable. Use as short cable as possible
  3. If available use a separate active external terminator instead of the CD-ROM units built in resistors,
    the Active Terminators vary its resistance to provide the optimum value.
    The StorPoint are using active termination but most of the internal terminators on the CD-drives are passive.
  4. Disable or enable the Disconnect/Reselect parameter on the StorPoint.
    This features allows SCSI devices to 'disconnect' from the SCSI bus, allowing the StorPoint to then
    comunicate with other attached SCSI devices. It enables the StorPoint to communicate with more than
    one SCSI device at the same time. Disconnect/Reselect is not required and can be disabled, if desired.
  5. In the purpose of discovering eventually malfunctioning drives, disconnect one drive at the time to see
    if there is a certain drive that interferes with the SCSI communication.

 If nothing of the above works please contact your distributor or Axis support.